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Editing Services

Authors Aflame

A poorly edited manuscript can mean the difference between the life and death of your book! Do you want readers to refer your book to other people, increasing sales?

When we self-edit, we naturally overlook our mistakes, and Grammarly can only catch so much. An editor is vital to the success of our books!

What We Offer:

✔️ Copy-Editing ($0.03 ~ $100 minimum)​

✔️ Line-Editing ($0.03/word ~ $100 minimum)​

✔️ In-Depth Line Editing + Copy Editing ($0.07/ word ~ $100 minimum)

** This also includes feedback on the characterization and plot development of each fiction manuscript.

** For non-fiction, the critique of each manuscript will identify any undeveloped or unsupported points or arguments.​

✔️ Developmental Editing ($0.10/word ~ $100 minimum)​

What Is Line Editing + Copy-Editing?

Line editing is literally editing line by line. In this stage of the editing, your manuscript is edited for style, tone, and consistency.

When line editing a manuscript, it gets checked for common grammatical and spelling errors. Some of the spelling errors that are often caught tend to be stylistic, which means numbers or measurements are misspelled. It’s also talking about the improper spelling of non-conventional words.

When a book, blog, or article is line edited, it’s checked for word usage. Are the words overused? Are there words that don’t belong? Are any misused? Are they used as crutches? Does the piece flow? Is it smooth? Is it choppy? Is it difficult or enjoyable? Does the tone stay the same throughout the successive passages? When it changes, is it gradual and smooth or abrupt and hard to follow? Does it slide from one emotion to the next or jerk the reader around? These are things a line editor looks for and recommends corrections on.

Once a manuscript has been line edited properly, it’ll be smoother and tighter. The sentences will be short and to the point without being abrupt or tacky. The story or article will flow. It will sing. It will be what it was meant to be… exactly how you imagined it.

What Is Developmental Editing?

The sun's out. The birds are singing. Stretch those weary bones! That's right. Now, time to get to work. Pull up to your desk, sit down at your computer, and pull up your manuscript. It's going to be a beautiful day to get a move one. You open your email. You got a letter from your Developmental Editor. Yay!​

Not only does developmental editing of your book happen while the book is deloping, but it helps the author develop as well. As the Developmental Editor points out the problem areas of the manuscript, the author knows what to watch out for next time and why. He's learning all about looking at the whole picture and finding the holes. ​

Developmental editing looks at the characterization, plot, structure of the story, the story itself, tension, genre, theme, narration style, and more. During a developmental edit, the author, you, gets to see his work in progress take shape and be developed by himself with the help of a master hand before his very eyes.