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About Us

One Coach. One Author. One Book. Three Months.

Authors Write Now

About Nishoni

First and foremost, I am a born-again Believer and love Jesus. I am a wife to a wonderful man, the mother to four beautiful children, and a foster mother.

I am also a master writer, owning Authors Aflame, where I teach others how to write. I have published four of my own books and ghostwritten 17 other bestselling books. I have also written a chapter for two other separate books and have a few poems published.

I have a Bachelor’s in Secondary Education with a minor in English, several classes toward my Masters, and have taken many other courses in writing throughout the years.

I have written articles for a newspaper and manage my own blogs through the years. One on Mental Illness is entitled "Through it All: A Walk Through Mental Illness". It includes mine and my daughter's journeys through with our mental illnesses and my journey raising a child with a mental illness. Through it All is also full of blog posts that are helpful to those with mental health problems and those who have loved ones with a mental illness.

As I have time, I write on homemaking, child-rearing, and the Christian faith in my blog, "Becoming a Humble Homemaker".

I also have a blog, "Build Your Book, Build Your Business". This is free training for writers.

I am very creative in my writing and, therefore, write in many styles including article writing, blog writing, creative writing, conversational writing, and more.

My accomplishments include:











Some More of
Our Team

Kristine Meier-Skiff ~


Ghostwriter, Copywriter, Author, Proofreader

Kristine Meier-Skiff is an author, mother, and special needs advocate. She lives an adventure-filled life with her five sons, husband, cat, and two dogs in Texas. Her love of storytelling began very early in life, fostered by a constant supply of books and old-time radio shows. Her adult novels, biographies, and children’s books are available for purchase on Amazon. She also ghostwrites in many genres. You can also follow her adventures at

GlimpsesOfSkiff.com and on Kristine's Amazon Author Page.

Samantha Fury ~

Cover Artist, Blogger, Author, Proofreader

Samantha Fury is the author of the Street Justice Series. She's a cover artist and works in web design. She operates several Groups helping authors to be the best they can be, helping them with everything from publishing to prayer requests.

She's the daughter of a Kentucky coal miner and is thankful for the gift of writing. She's traveled all over the USA and uses the experiences to fill her books with realism from the towns and cities she's visited. When asked about her writing she always says to God be all the Glory!!

Aleksandar Tomov, Junior ~ 

Filmmaker (creates our book trailers)

Not only is Aleksandar an author of short stories, but his passion lies with filmmaking. In his eight years of experience as a film director and video editor, he has created documentary films, video clips, video ads, telecasts, short films and features and other video productions, and, of course, book trailers. With his state of the art technology, he creates professional 3-D animation, after effects, and specialized sound editing in his videos.

His short stories are in the following genres: dystopia, fantasy, fiction, post-apocalyptic, surreal, grotesque, and drama, but his favorite is Absurd. You can read some stories online (you will find them linked below): 

The Machine - very short science-fiction story 

CORDLESS - short story

Fire and Lies Book Trailer

A Trailer by Aleksander

Mona Giordano

Social Media Coach

Mona Giordano is a passionate multi-preneur. She has owned a successful brick and mortar retail store for the past 30 years. In the same plaza, she owns a Women’s Co-Working Space where her Social Media Coaching office is located.

Mona had a near-death experience in 2010 and had to undergo a liver transplant. This life-transforming situation changed the course of her life’s journey forever. She now dedicates her time and passion to helping people get their story and/or businesses marketed across the various social media platforms by teaching them how to create content and videos to compete in today’s digital marketing landscape. 

She lives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida with her husband, Peter, and is currently working on her own book which will be titled,

Mona Lisa Miracles…My Mess, His Masterpiece


Wow! It was very enlightening to hear all the knowledge that Mona can share and help with in our social media. She is very knowledgeable and interesting to work with


~ Debbie Pollock

Our Story

Authors Aflame was born out of Nishoni Harvey's desire to help other authors realize their potential to motivate and inspire others through "their story."

She desires to share her many years of experience in writing, editing and being published with you as you strive to make your dreams a reality.

There’s not only a bestselling author inside of you, but there’s a goldmine of a story that can help others through your fiction or nonfiction book alike! You can get your book out there. You can write about what’s on your heart and help yourself and others in the process! How is that possible? When you write your story, the story in your heart, the story you’re truly yearning to tell, the story your heart needs to tell, your words will be golden, and your message will inspire.

Kristine's Books

~ Bells ~

"The true nature of evil is so very casual." James St James

In her debut novel Kristine Meier-Skiff takes you a journey that spans a continent and delves deep into the psyche of true evil.

When Kate arrives in Cutler's Gap, she is a shattered and haunted soul, looking to start a new life away from the horrors of her former life. Can she free herself from the darkness of her past and trust again before the monsters find her and once again destroy the new life she is building? Sheriff Tom Fletcher has a sixth sense for trouble and the new woman of town has him tingling like never before. He's determined to uncover all Kate's secrets at any cost, but the more he digs, the less he knows. Evil is coming. Will he be able to protect the town he's vowed to serve and the woman he is coming to love?

Meanwhile, half a continent away, veteran cop Mike Choctowsky is playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a sadistic serial killer. His instincts honed over a 20-year career, tell him that they are dealing with an entirely different kind of killer than they've ever encountered before. He wonders, will the next body to drop be his?

This is book the first installment of a four installment serial novel.

KINDLE: $2.99

PRINT: $9.99

Mighty Josh Meier Saves Christmas

It’s almost Christmas in the settlement of Sacramento, California. The pioneer children have been good all year long, but a flood has stopped their letters from getting to Santa. The fate of Christmas now rests in the hands of one heroic Pony Express rider. Can Mighty Josh Meier deliver the letters to Santa in time to save Christmas? Hold onto your hats cowboys and cowgirls and gallop at full speed into this rip-roaring adventure.

KINDLE: $2.99

PRINT: $16.99

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