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Copywriting and Ghostwriting Services

Authors Aflame

Do you know what it means to be "ghosted?" Don't worry. It's nothing like that. What about that ghost in your cellar? Yeah... that one. It's kind of like that.

I can't imagine what it would be like to be haunted or, worse, possessed, but... let's pretend...

If someone were to take over your body and write a story for you, you'd get the credit, right? I know, weird, but I'm going somewhere. Just hang with me.

Now imagine you can get the credit for writing something that someone else wrote without anyone taking over your body. That would be ghostwriting. You would give me the idea. I would write the story or nonfiction book. You would get the credit fair and square. No squabble. No fuss. And what do I get? I get a good paycheck, the awesomeness of being able to write something great and learn something new, and a smile at the end of the day.

What Is Ghostwriting?

Do you have a book, an article, a blog, or more that needs a writer? Have you thought about having someone write it and then putting your own name on there as the author? The writers that do this service are called ghostwriters. This is another service I offer.

There are several reasons you might need a ghostwriter. You might be too busy and just need someone to cover for you. This is understandable. Blog writers and article writers do this all the time. As I said, your name would go on the work, and you'd get all the credit. I'd have absolutely NO rights to the writing. It's be ALL YOURS.​

Ghostwriters can be used to write new books for new or established authors. I have two clients right now that have given web seminars or webcasts and want those turned into books or blogs. I ghostwrite for them. 

Sometimes, a ghostwriter is hired to write more books in a series under the author's name. Some ghostwriters write under a famous author's name to carry on their work after their death. At other times, publishers establish pseudonyms (fictitious names) that a whole series is written under. For instance, the "Nancy Drew" series is written by several ghostwriters who write in the same style but are all presented under the name, Carolyn Keene.

Nishoni Harvey 

My Experiences

I’m a published author with a degree in Secondary Education/English and have taken two other courses in writing through two separate institutes outside of the college, both of which covered editing on top of proofreading and writing. Two of my books, "The Fanatics" and “A Harlot’s Tale” (By Nishoni Harvey), can be found on Amazon and other websites. I also have other books available on my website. I have also written chapters for two other published works. I have two blogs and have written blog posts for other bloggers as well. I have written for a newspaper, and therefore, have had many articles published. I wrote quite a bit through Elance.com in the past. I have made over $30,000 writing on Upwork. I have also ghostwritten 16 books. 

I Ghostwrite Blogs and Other Articles

I like to use statistics, fun facts, recent or catastrophic news, or other news your readers might be following closely, and more to bring the desired audience to your site and to pique the passer-by's interest so they'll click, stay, and maybe even click that "follow" or "like" button. :) 

I use SEO and outside links to increase traffic to your site. I use headings to break up the content a little, which makes the article easier to read and not seem so long and overwhelming. People these days tend to have a six-second attention span. Breaking up a blog article in this way will keep your readers around for longer. All these together make for a higher volume of traffic and a larger readership. 

I will also run your articles through Copyscape and Grammarly Premium to make sure they are not too close to any other material out there. I will attach a screenshot of the Copyscape results when I send your articles so that you have them for your records.

Let Me Ghost Your Book!

I also ghostwrite books! I can do fiction or non-fiction. I have experience with both.


My Chosen Genres:


  • Biblical

  • Children's Literature

  • Historical


  • Autobiography/Biography

  • Health

  • Religious

  • Self-Help

  • What Do I Need from You?

    It's simple, really. You can give me whatever you want:

       * A Subject

       * An Idea

       * A Barebones Outline (just points)

       * A Detailed Outline

       * YOUR Video

      * and, Your Participation (If you're

        not there to answer questions, I

        can't move forward on specific 


    If you decide to use Authors Aflame for your ghostwriting or copywriting needs, please contact us!

    (760) BIZ-BOOK


    [email protected]

    or by dropping a message on the "Contact Us" page. 😊 

    Premium Ghostwriting


  • Everything in Basic

  • Publishing to Amazon

  • Choosing your keywords and categories

  • Creating your book cover

  • Creating a book trailer

  • Marketing for 10 days

  • And Much More!

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