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Dear Business Owner, Coach, or Consultant,

You may be a Coach, Expert, Service Business, Consultant, Speaker, Practitioner, or More. Whoever you are, you have at least one common goal with these other people. You have a story inside you that needs to be brought to life so you can touch the heart of your present and future clients and gain more clients in the process.

Are you ready to find that story, prep it, write it, polish it, publish it, market it, and use it to be seen as an authority in your niche, get on stages, and gain more clients, increasing visibility and building revenue?

If you’re ready to fulfill your dreams, satisfy your needs by using your book to grow and market your business, and fulfill your destiny of motivating and inspiring others, then it's time to bring your story to life... with this once in a lifetime opportunity to incorporate the Story to Life Method into your life, your book, and your business!

During your Free Strategy Session, we will:

Crystallize your vision for growing your business through getting your book written and published, gaining more clients, and getting on stages.

Discuss the # 1 challenge preventing you from getting your book published

Determine a clear plan of action to reach your long-term goals with your book and business

Explore whether we’re a client-mentor fit and if my Write Now! Program is for you

Don’t put this off any longer. Take action, 

Apply Now.

Our calendar fills up fast, and we have limited availability. If you are truly done with the struggle of trying to go it alone... 

If you are really ready to make a commitment to not only chasing but catching your dream...

If you're ready to get on the road to becoming an author who can motivate and inspire others...

If you're ready to take strides toward creating an income or maximizing the one you already have, get in touch with us now. We’re looking forward to your call!

Apply to be considered for a "Build Your Book, Build Your Business" Strategy Session with my coach.

Applications are limited. My coaches only speak with 14 people each week to help them get a start on bringing their story to life, so they can turn it into a book and use it to build a business or promote the one they have. Complete the application in its entirety to be considered.

You and I Both Know You Deserve More!

You can step up, take charge of your writing, your life, your business, and your success. You can have the fame, impact, and reach that you desire.

But I know you’re struggling right now and doubt whether you can really pull this off. You doubt whether you should try something yet again.

The problem isn’t that success in business and publishing is only for the lucky few. Or that you don’t have enough writing know-how and shareable knowledge to truly succeed. Or that you aren’t good enough to make an impact.

The problem is that you aren’t following a publishing model that works and works for the long term. You haven’t found a model (which includes a very specific system for getting you to the top and keeping you there) that is proven, so you can have a greater impact on your corner of the world.

P.S. You are a coach, consultant, expert, service business owner, or speaker who is meant for more. 

You are smart and driven to succeed. 

With your commitment, it’s time for you to reach for the stars... and grasp them. 

Watch the video on this page for more instructions.

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