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Choosing a Bestselling Topic

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Having a book to show yourself as an authority in your niche IS all it's cracked up to be, but if it's not reaching your ideal audience, what good is it?

When you find a highly sought-after topic that the readers in your target market want to read, you have found a goldmine!

This e-book will teach you:

  • How and what to brainstorm to find that bestselling topic

  • How to test your outcomes to make sure they'll produce optimal results

  • Which tools to do your market and keyword research with

  • How to niche down on your target audience and more!

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See What Others Say

Ana Dominguez de Shaw

I’m really impressed with Her passion about coaching and helping people put their stories in paper! Nishoni is creative, kind and understands what team work is about! Awesome author! And a person you need have around! Attending her workshops and seminars, takes you to another level of comprehending how we, as business owners can market our presence in a lot of different ways. Her passion, patience and kindness makes her unique.

Ana Dominguez de Shaw - Business Owner

Arlene Jacobs

Authors Aflame owner Nishoni Harvey is a very compassionate and dedicated instructor, who knows the ins and outs of creating your story, getting your book written, and published. If you're thinking of writing a book, she's the one to turn to for assistance.

Arlene VonderPorten Jacobs - Business Owner

Kristine Meier-Skiff

Nishoni Harvey has been an amazing coach for me. We started working together after I had published my first two books. I learned through those experiences that writing a book is much more than just the actual writing process. I struggled with formatting, marketing, and making sales.

Nishoni's instruction has made the process so much easier. Her teaching is direct and simple to follow. I have now ghostwritten and published 11 books and am in the process of launching three new books of my own in the next three months. Nishoni has brought me from a writer with a dream to an author with a growing business.

Kristine Meier-Skiff - Business Owner

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