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I help business owners to write their book so they can show themselves as an authority in their niche, get speaking engagements, and reach their ideal client.

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Leaving a trail of happy clients who keep coming back to us again and again!

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We work with you on a one-on-one basis . We keep the customer in service.

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We've served clients in Italy, Australia, Canada, Africa, England, and America!


A poorly edited manuscript can mean the difference between the life and death of your book! Do you want readers to refer your book to other people, increasing sales? When we self-edit, we naturally overlook our mistakes, and Grammarly can only catch so much. An editor is vital to the success of our books!

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  • Copy-Editing ($0.03 ~ $100 minimum)​

  • Line Editing ($0.03 ~ $100 minimum)​

  • Copy + Line Editing ($0.07 ~ $100 minimum)​

  • ** This also includes feedback on the characterization and plot development of each fiction manuscript.

    ** For non-fiction, the critique of each manuscript will identify any undeveloped or unsupported points or arguments.​

  • Developmental Editing ($0.10/word ~ $100 minimum)​

What Is Developmental Editing?

Have you ever read a novel that just seemed to take forever to get to the point? Have you come across books that were missing critical information–or small bits of information the author may not have deemed important?

Have you always felt a connection to the characters? Are the chapters always where they belong? Do you find some books that have too many chapters–or not enough?

These manuscripts had flaws. These books went to publication like this. What was the common factor? The manuscript didn’t get proper developmental editing. Developmental editing addresses all this and more.

Developmental editing looks at the characterization, plot, structure of the story, the story itself, tension, genre, theme, narration style, and more. During a developmental edit, the author, you, gets to see his work take shape with the help of a master hand before his very eyes.

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An essential step that you MUST NOT SKIP OVER when publishing your book is great formatting! We format for both eBook and print at competitive prices! Let us help!

The cost of formatting differs from manuscript to manuscript. It depends on what you are wanting to be done, the number of pictures in the book, if you’re wanting both eBook and print or only one or the other, and more. Contact us for an estimate today!

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Do you have a website? Does it need SEO-rich text (copy) that converts browsers into buyers? Is the copy that's there lacking or not doing its job? We can write copy that makes a difference!

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Do you have a book that needs to be written, but you just don't have the time or expertise? Let us do it for you! You get all the credit! This is ghostwriting.

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Loved By Many

"Just What I Imagined!"

"Nishoni Harvey did a great job on my The Atomic Mindset. The layout is just what I imagined. She is a great communicator and quick at what she does. Thank you, Nishoni!"

Stephen J Carnegie

The Atomic Mindset

"Definitely Using Again"

"Nishoni really pulled this one off well! She caught things while she was editing and formatting my book that I didn’t. I’m so glad that she’s so thorough! I’ll definitely be using her and her company again!"

Stephen W Rosen

The Vagus Nerve

"One of the Best"

"Nishoni is a talented writer, excellent communicator, and one of the overall best talents I have come across... Nishoni is an asset for anyone who has the privilege to work with her."


Kansas City