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Nishoni Harvey and Authors Aflame

Kimberly Peatrice

Forever Twenty-Nine

Do you or someone you know struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), TBI, suicidal thoughts, or anxiety? Do you feel like you’re all alone? You’re not. Read the story of someone who has been there and
 get help and advice at the end.

Forever Twenty-Nine is Kimberly Peatrice’s compelling portrait of her beloved son, Maxie L. Rogers Jr., an adventurous, intelligent, honorable, educated black man and devoted father who served in the military for over eight years and whose life tragically ended at the age of twenty-nine. Come journey with this mother as she celebrates Maxie’s life and shares his own writings, which beautifully capture his love for his family, his heritage, and his faith.

This author also gives insights into her son’s struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and depression, shattering the stigma surrounding mental health. 

In Forever Twenty-Nine, Kimberly Peatrice also:

Gives insight into her son’s PTSD and depression;

Shatters the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide;

Offers compassionate advice on how to recognize and help those suffering from mental illness;

And, offers compassionate advice on how to help loved ones and others suffering with trauma and grief.

If you or a loved one ever experienced suicidal thoughts, grief, self-harm, severe depression, TBI, anxiety, or felt like no one cares and that you are all alone, this book is for you!

Stephen J. Carnegie

The Atomic Mindset

Nishoni Harvey did a great job on my The Atomic Mindset. The layout is just what I imagined. She is a great communicator and quick at what she does. Thank you, Nishoni!

Stephen W. Rosen

The Vagus Nerve

Nishoni really pulled this one off well! She caught things while she was editing and formatting my book that I didn’t. I’m so glad that she’s so thorough! I’ll definitely be using her and her company again!

Molly Burkhart

The Test

As an amateur writer who just loves to share my memories, I started a journal years ago on our life in West Virginia. Coming across it one day in my files, I began writing a book of our trials. I was lucky to have Nishoni Harvey to proofread and edit my work. She also trained me on how to find punctuation and grammar errors so I could present a more enjoyable story.

More of What People Say

Hadidja Hamadi

Christ Groote

"Nishoni is an engaging storyteller. She has a wonderful work ethic and is kind, yet direct, in her assessment of the written word. If ever you've wished to share your creativity, the door is now open. Step through and become the best author you can be."

Lisa Lewis -

"Nishoni is a talented writer, excellent communicator, and one of the overall best talents I have come across... Nishoni is an asset for anyone who has the privilege to work with her."

Mario - 

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